SEISA DOHTO UNIVERSITY Introduction to Seisa Dohto University

Introduction of Seisa Dohto University

Founding Spirit of Seisa Dohto University

SEISA Dohto University is passionate to contribute to create an inclusive society by cleaving a new path of academic researches for implementing sustainable developments of a society along with materializing what the current societies need with reflecting modern fast changing world.

Educational Philosophy of SEISA Dohto University

"Build new pathways for people in need and aim creating the society people live together and achieve these"

SEISA Dohto University cleaves new paths for the people who need supports by aiming to create a society where people live together without any kind of boundaries. To do so, fostering the human resources who have obtained enriched education, ample of specific knowledge and skills and curiosities of exploring and tackling social issues to develop their capabilities of achieving creating an inclusive society.

We are conducting "Empathetic Understanding Education (Kyosei Rikai Kyoiku)" by following the SEISA Group's Three Guiding Principles, which are "Understand Each Other", "Leave Nobody Out" and "Make Friends". "Empathetic Understanding Education (Kyosei Rikai Kyoiku)" encourages students to feel and think by themselves and learn together by sharing their experiences by focusing on studying their surrounding environment or local incidents. This enables students to understand their connection with societies and world and comprehend the importance of their own lives and surrounding environment.

Implementing "Empathetic Understanding Education (Kyosei Rikai Kyoiku)" enables students to accept other people and understand the connection of lives and their own roles within society by educating themselves and making friends based on the impression towards new discoveries and own motivations. It also will nurture "power to live" for cleaving unpredictable modern future by learning through one's life and thinking independently.

History of Our University

1964 Founded Hokkaido Sangyo Gakuen as an incorporated educational institution
Set up Hokkaido Sangyo Vocatinal School's main cources and high school preperation cources
1965 Founded Hokkaido Sangyo Vocational School
1966 Founded Hokkaido Sangyo Junior College
1976 Renamed Hokkaido Sangyo Junior College to Dohto Junior College
Renamed incorpotated educational institution name to Hokkaido Sakurai Sangyo Gakuen
1978 Founded Dohto University (in Monbetsu City)
(Faculty of Social Welfare / Department of Social Welfare,
Faculty of Fine Arts / Department of Design and Department of Architecture)
1984 Moved the campus location of Hokkaido Sangyo College to Sapporo
1987 Renamed Hokkaido Sangyo College to Dohto Professional School
1990 Renamed Dohto Professional School to Dohto International Gakuen
1991 Renamed Dohto Junior College to Dohto University Junior College Division
1992 Renamed Dohto International Gakuen to Dohto International Tourism College
1996 Moved the campus of Faculty of Fine Arts at Dohto University to Sapporo Campus (in Kitahiroshima City)
2001 Reliquished Dohto International Tourism College and founded Dohto University Faculty of Management
2002 Reliquished Dohto University Jounior College Division
2005 Moved the campus of Faculty of Social Welfare to Kitahiroshima City
2013 Set up Regional Research Institute
Set up Teaching-Training Center
Signed to a joint agreement with Kitahiroshima City
Signed to an agreement of joint business agreement with incorporated educational institution, Kokusai Gakuen
2014 Dohto University Distance Learning Department
(Set up Training courses for Specified Childcare Worker and Psychiatric Social Worker [Short term])
50 years anniversary of the original Gakuen Foundation
2015 Dohto University Distance Learning Department
(Set up Certified Social Worker [General] and Psychiatric Social Worker [General])
Ceremony of 50th anniversary of the original Gakuen foundation
2016 Renamed incorpotated educational institution name to Hokkaido SEISA Gakuen
Set up SEISA Dohto University and Center for Regional Alliances Promotion
(Reliquished Regional Research Institute)
2017 Renamed the university name to SEISA Dohto University

Overview of Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Management has three majors; Sports Management, Business Creation and Community Design. During the study at this faculty, students are encouraged to take the opportunities of internships at local companies to obtain the practical skills for entrepreneurship and organizational management.

We are aiming to grow human resources who can think, research and act by themselves and will play important roles in society after their graduation through these experiences.

Faculty of Social Welfare

Faculty of Social Welfare has four majors; Social Work, Child Care, Welfare Psychology and Special Needs Education. Through small sized seminars and laboratory work, the students can develop their special knowledge and social adaptability with bringing their knowledge learnt in the class into practice.

Special courses are available for the students to pass the exams of the qualifications such as “Certified Social Worker”, “Psychiatric Social Worker” and “Childcare Worker”, which are necessary to have to be in these occupations after their graduation.

Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Design

There are two departments in the Faculty of Fine Arts; Department of Design and Architecture. At the Department of Design, students can choose their majors from Arts, Design and Illustration and Manga.

There are enriched creating facilities to get thorough teachings with practice such as atelier building and mold sketching room.

Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture allows students to learn architectural knowledge from the aspect of design in addition to obtaining architectural knowledge and skills with satisfying the requirement of the qualification of registered architect.

Because of the department belongs to artistic faculty, it enables students to learn multifaceted architectural factors including building design and interior design.

School of Japanese Studies for Foreign Students

Japanese language intensive course is newly starting from Autumn 2017. This course is aiming to develop Japanese language abilities to higher academic lever such as universities and graduate schools.

The curriculum is established with considering passing Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 or N2 as well as passing entrance exams for international students for universities.

Admissions Policy

We created our admissions policy based on our founding principles and educational philosophy, and it is as follows.


  1. Students must have a desire to learn and grow, and find themselves anew
  2. Students should resonate with our founding principles and should have a desire to obtain
    a skill set which will help them in the future
  3. Students must be interested in learning in our international society, and should have a desire
    to contribute to the local community.

Faculty of Social Welfare

  1. Individuals who is interested in the issues which of the people
    who needs supports and the states and situations of current
  2. Individuals who is initiatively aiming to work on solving
    problems through communication on behalf of the people who
    need assitance
  3. Individuals who is highly evaluated from their previous social
    work achievements
  4. Individuals who have obtained extinctive achievements in
    various aspects such as academic, cultural or athletic and are
    intending to use these abilities into other field such as social
    welfare, education and governmental administration

Faculty of Management

1. Individuals who is eager to tackle social problems by taking the      most appropriate balance within the field of society      management and fairness with compassion
2. Individuals who have a positive attitude, applying what they      have learned into practice based on the current best practice      in their specialized field
3. Individuals who are interested in all aspects of society and
     should seek truthful knowledge to improve society, fairly yet
     flexibly in practice
4. Individuals with distinctive academic, cultural or athletic      achievements and are ambitious to expand these abilities into
     the field of management, education and sports

Faculty of Fine Arts

  1. Individuals who have obtained necessary basic academic ability and practical skills
  2. Individuals who have intentions to initiatively involve in and contribute to community
  3. Individuals who is eager to create by theirselves and express their own thoughts

Department of Design

  1. Individuals who like creating activities and can actively get
    involved in expressing activities
  2. Individuals who are capable to constantly put effort on acquring
    higher abilities
  3. Individuals who are intending to initiatively bring activities to
    local and social communities through artistic performances and

Department of Architecture

1. Individuals who do not get satisfied only with understanding the
     surface of creativity and expressions of architecture but also are
     with curiosity to pursue deep understandings as a professional
2. Individuals who is curious about architecture, design and
     surrounding environemnt and work hard towards these with
     honest learning attitude
3. Individuals who obtains the strong will and high sence of
     vocation to constibute to socirty through craftmanships

As a Member of Seisa Group

About Seisa Group

Dohto University had a comprehensive partnership agreement with Kokusai Gakuen since December in 2015 for the purpose of enrichment of educational research activities and educational contents; fostering human resources, contributing to local community and improvement of the quality of teachers. In the next year, 2016, Dohto University joined “Seisa Group” with a new school name “Seisa Dohto University”.

The Seisa Group is consist of various public service corporations and educational institutions beginning with International School followed by Public Interest Incorporated Foundation for Global Children, Seisa Social Welfare Corporations and SeisaA Gakuen. We are putting our effort on fostering human resources in various fields but especially in educating children and youth generation with pursuing our goal to create a inclusive society.

As a part of the group, Seisa Dohto University is especially aiming to provide the educational environment where the students can expand their intelligence and insights to build their first career step after their graduation smoothly and to participate in the creation of society proactively. Seisa Dohto University will push ourselves forward to improve the quality of the university as an institution of higher education with succeeding the spirit of the founding principles of Dohto University and reflecting the principle of Seisa Group.

What is "Seisa"?

The name “Seisa,” comes from a Chinese classical literature, “star raft,” which is said to be a raft one rides from the sea to the Milky Way. A raft is built with the combination of long logs, short logs, and all sorts of logs with different hardness, thickness, colors, kinds and properties. The uneven logs can create a solid raft by taking advantage of the different characteristics of each log. Seisaʼs philosophy, “Kyosei” (living together in harmony), coincides exactly with the idea of the star raft. Just as the different kinds of logs make use of their strength and supplement each other to make a strong raft to be able to ride from the sea to the Milky Way, we are in search of a way for people to acknowledge and accept their differences and live together in harmony with nature and different societies.

The Three Guiding Principles of SEISA Group

These are kept by all people involved with Seisa.
Understand Each Other
Leave Nobody Out
Make Friends

Educational Philosophies of Seisa

Founding Spirit

Materialize what people from society want, find new paths to achieve what is necessary and accomplish them.

Educational Principles

Open up new paths for students who need them, and strive to create a world in which all people could live together in harmony.

Educational Goals

Nurture young adults with strong hearts who could care for others even at times of hardship and who could confront hard ship with courage and a smile.

Spirit of SEISA: Live Together, Grow Together

To live together in harmony is an essential attribute for us human beings.
To learn together enriches our heart, to grow together develops trust, and to live together gives us joy.
Let’s keep cultivating our heart to be able to have this spirit

Application of Education

- To be a person who can act for someone and can share pleasure, laughs and tears -
“Learn the connection of lives”, “Study with fellows”, “Start learning from the things surrounding us”

Campus Location

Location - Kitahiroshima City

The university stands in Kitahiroshima City in Hokkaido where is the Northern part of Japan. Kitahiroshima city is located midway between Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, and Chitose City, the seat of New Chitose International Airport.

Kitahiroshima City has been chosen as the most livable town within Hokkaido in the past three years for the sake of its convenience accesses to the biggest city in Hokkaido, Sapporo, and the airport in addition to its good balanace of nature in a living environment.

Access Guide

By Train

・ 16 minutes from JR Sapporo Station

・ 7 minutes from JR Shin Sapporo Station

・ 20 minutes from JR New Chitose Airport Station

By Bus

・ 7 minutes from JR Kitahirosihma Station
    (Free shuttel bus services available during the school terms)
【Shuttle Bus Time Schedule for 2017-2018 (PDF)】

・ 30 minutes from Toho Subway Line Fukuzumi Station

Campus Map and Facilities

Contact for Inquiries for International Students

For more information and inquiries, please contact Center for International Relations at SEISA DOHTO University below.
(Available languages: Japanese, English and Chinese.)