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Department of Social Welfare


There are a lot of practical opportunities for the students in the Faculty of Social Welfare to learn with involving in people
in the local community outside of the university. For instance, the students attend welfare enlightenment activities such as
“Orange Ribbon campaign” during the 2nd grade and “Dementia Caravan” during the 3rd grade.

Department Overview

The Step of “Lecture, Seminars and Hands-on Training” will bring useful learning experience even after employment.

Enriching personality and sociability through the communications in between students and teachers in addition to acquiring the specialties such as knowledge and skills required to actively work in welfare field in the future.

In the 1st and 2nd grades, students obtain knowledge repeatedly through lectures and seminars. In the 3rd and 4th grades, students expands what they have learned into hands-on trainings and gain skills and qualifications which are directly adoptable for the employment.

What you can acquire at the Faculty of Social Welfare

1.Allows students to learn deeply about knowledge and skills required for welfare related occupations along with choosing majors reflecting their own interests, purposes and what they see themselves in the future.
2.By adopting knowledge the students obtained through small numbered class seminars and hands-on trainings into practice, it develops high specialty and affluent sociability.
3.Enables students to focus on gaining the qualifications of Certified Social Worker, Psychiatric Social Worker and Childcare Worker with taking substantial preparation courses for these qualifications.

Majors in the Faculty of Social Welfare

At the Faculty of Social Welfare, class registration models are consisted for each student matching with their future objectives based on the foundation subjects of Certified Social Worker Program. Course registration advisory teachers are available to answer the inquires about obtaining qualifications.

Major in Social Work

Learn how social assistance currently is and how it should be in the future to develop a social environment which enables all the people including elderlies, people with physical and psychological disabilities and their families to pursue their happiness.

One of our objectives is also to obtain national qualifications of Certified Social Worker and Psychiatric Social Worker which are widely required to have to work in a welfare field as a consequence of study.

Major in Childcare

Fostering “Children-raising support Social Workers” with gaining the knowledge and skills of social work to work widely as a childcare and also school children instructors who can work at residential institutions for children.

It will also learn the method of counselling supports which are necessary not only for children but also their gradians. This course also allows students to obtain the qualification of Child Care Worker automatically with graduation.

Major in Welfare Psychology

Learn the theories and methods of assisting people who have difficulties in keeping their psychological balance. Learning the skills of counselling practically brings the students the advantage of being familiar to thoughtful social work.

This course will allow students to obtain the qualification of “Certified Psychologist” and the eligibility requirements for the examinations of “Psychiatric Social Worker” and “Certified Social Worker”.

Major in Special Needs Education

This major is for the people who want to become teachers of special needs assisting schools to support the children with intellectual and physical difficulties. Students will learn processes of planning teaching contents and personalized method for each child and put them into practice.

In our university, students can proceed obtaining the teaching license of “Special Needs Teachers, Intellectual and Physical difficulties and Invalidism)” after obtaining the teaching licenses of “Junior High School, Social Studies” or “High School Geography, History and Civics”.

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