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If you have strong interest in arts and motivation in creating art works, even if you do not have any experience in drawing and painting in high schools, the Department of Design at Seisa Dohto University will be the ideal place to study. We are confident to bring your motivation into outcome through our credited coaching.

At the Department of Design, students can learn arts such as painting, sculpture, engraving and crafting, designs of graphics, WEB, CG and products and writings of illustration, manga and animation.

This course allows students, who are from beginners to experienced, to develop individual's talents through the coaching modified personally. Obtaining skills which are required in design industry through this teaching method will lead them to become artists along with finding employment.

What you can learn at the Department of Design

1.For whom seriously aiming to challenge the art world, this department allow them to receive kind and careful supervision regardless of your experience in arts and creative activities.
2.Students can focus on their creative activities in the supportive atmosphere and excellent creating environment such as atelier building and modelling design room.
3.It is only Seisa Dohto University as a four-year university where provides the majors in professional illustrating and manga writing within Hokkaido.

Majors in Department of Design in Faculty of Fine Arts

Develop students strong points through studying foundations of art, design, illustration and manga. We have a fantastic learning environment to focus on creative activities.

Major in Arts

In this major, students will learn various art skills from both aspects of theory and practice. Actual creating experience brings familiarity in techniques and expand this experience to creative activities.

The categories we provide are:
・Western Paintings (Oil Paintings/Tempera/Watercolor Paintings)
・Japanese Paintings
・Engraving (Silk Screen/Lithograph)
・Sculpture (Wood caving/Stone caving/Clay Figures/Installation Art)
・Crafting (Pottery/Glass Art/Woodworking/Metal crafting)
                And more…

Major in Design

Get familiar to the ways of creating designs of our daily life such as advertisement, packaging and websites. The students will obtain sufficient practical knowledge and skills which will be useful at work through creating practices at the same time.

The categories allows students to learn are below;
・Graphic Design
・Web sites and Contents design
・2D and 3D CG
・Product design
                And more…

Major in Illustration and Manga

The opportunities to learn from professional Manga writers and illustrators directly is available. The main objective of this major is developing practical ability as a professional. Students are also able to obtain the teacher's license of art with a unique specialization of illustration and manga through our teacher training program.

The categories allow students to learn are;
・Digital Drawing
・Picture Books
                And more…

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