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It is only Seisa Dohto University which provide the opportunity to learn architecture not at a Faculty of Engineering but at a Faculty of Fine Arts.

The architectural basic subjects such as structural calculation and building low are the same as the other Engineering faculties, however we provide more multifaceted architectural factors from the aspect ofr architectural design subjects such as building design and interior design.

Students will learn architectural special field such as interior, housing and urban planning to help making people's life more affluent from the aspect of architecture. During the four years of study, students can experience professionalism of architectural designs often.

What you can acquire at the Department of Architecture

1. Only SEISA Dohto University provides the opportunity to learn architecture at an art related faculty within Hokkaido. It will let students to learn architecture from the aspect of design at the same time.
2. The lectures are conducted by professional architects who are active in the current architectural field. This enables us to provide an excellent opportunity to learn from practical architectural work.
3. Two majors are set up for this department. The students can obtain the license of Registered Architect of the Second Class from both majors at their graduation.

Majors in the Department of Architecture

There are two majors available at the Department of Architecture to let students choose from their future objectives. At both majors, students will fill the requirements of taking the examination of "Registered Architect of the Second Class" after their graduation. The curriculum is also planned to become a qualified architect of the first class which is able to obtained after several architectural experience.

Major in Architecture

The aim of this major is to foster architectural engineers with the ability to start their own business such as house building design and store design and so on. The curriculum is programmed for passing the examination of "Registered Architect of the Second Class" after the graduation. We support students by analyzing their weak and strong points and suggest the way of studying to get the students prepared for the examination confidently. We look after our graduates until they achieve obtaining the license with opening the preparation course for it to our graduates too.

Major in Architectural Design

In this major, students will learn comprehensive architectural design ideas from urban planning to house interior. We consider production of work and presentations as important factors and because of this students can obtain the useful presentation tools such as 3DCAD and Animation creation. Students can develop these kind of practical skills at this department. Also we support them to obtain architectural qualifications such as Real Estate Broker which will be an advantage for getting a job in the future.

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