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Department of Management


The majors of this faculty to support the future of our students has set based on these keywords; Sports, Business and Regional Development.
In all majors, we put our important focus on providing practical learning opportunities and educate students to be able to think,
research and act spontaneously. We aim to grow active human resources who can play important roles in sports management,
sports business, civil services and any cooperation after their graduation.

Department Overview

Learn management methods in various organizations such as sports, business and local development. At the faculty of management, we are aiming to foster human resources with strong management skills through leaning various aspect of organizations. Student are able to learn deep knowledge depending on their various interests such as sports, political economy, laws, tourism, IT, civil services and even urban development. There are ample of opportunities for internships supported by the university too.

It is possible to obtain teaching licenses for junior high and high schools and Sports Social Worker. Another feature of this faculty is students can obtain the teaching license of “Health and Physical education for Junior High and High Schools”.

What you can acquire at the Faculty of Management

1. Student choose subjects from some specialty fields such as sports, tourism, IT and politics depending on their interests and obtain further knowledge in those fields through small numbered seminar classes.
2. Establish intellectual foundation to involve in operating and managing various organizations not only cooperation but also local civil authorities and sports bodies.
3. Many students continue to play sports they have been doing since their high school time. We encourage students to manage the consistency of their sports and cultural club activities and studies.

Majors in the Faculty of Management

There are three majors in the Department of Management to enable students to learn.

Major in Sports Management

The course is for the students who want to be involved in management of sports teams and to pass on the pleasure of sports widely through various lectures and classes regardless of being professional or armature.

Business administration study is necessary for sports team operations. Especially learning management enables students to develop their detailed analysis skills about sports promotions from the aspect of business.

Major in Business Creation

This major allows business intended students to develop their knowledge and the ways of thinking which are necessary for business operations. In this course, the students will learn wide range of business related administrative fields to begin with management, economics, financial theory and laws.

We are aiming to foster abilities to be adaptable businessmen and entrepreneurs with the skills of getting involved in management analysis and operations and proposing starting-up new projects.

Major in Community Design

Students can learn theories and methods of enriching community areas where people make their living through planning urban development and local encouragement, for instance. This major is especially for the students who are aiming to work as a part of organizations and companies such as civil services and NPO.

Our target is raising wide-ranging human resources who can involve in organizational operations based on the knowledge of management. Furthermore, we started to provide learning opportunities for obtaining the qualification of “Sports Social Workers”.

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