SEISA DOHTO UNIVERSITY Intensive Japanese Language Program

Program Overview

 The Intensive Japanese Language Program has newly started in January 2018 and its objective is to offer the environment that students can get Japanese language education whilst being exposed to Japanese life and culture. The curriculum includes various aspects of Japanese society and culture in addition to the Japanese language study, and we believe our weekly off-campus activities will bring great experience-based learning opportunities to deepen students’ knowledge on Japan.


Program Periods

Summer Course 【8 weeks】 From: Mid-July To: Mid-Semptember
Winter Course 【8 weeks】 From: Mid-January To: Mid-March

Class Levels & Capacity

Level Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) level N4 or above
Capacity 16 students (Minumum number of students is 6)

Class Contents

The course is consisted by approximately 10 classes and one off-campus activity per week.

Subjects Class Contents
Business Japanese Learning the business Japanese and societal rules particular to Japan
Japanese Culture and Society Learning Japanese culture, tradition and society
Japanese Geography and History Learning Japanese and Hokkaido’s geography and history
Student Presentation Students present their opinions in line with predetermined theme
Off-campus Activity Preparation Students gain the basic knowledge of Japanese culture and social introduction of coming off-campus activities

Example Class Schedule

The example of weekly schedule is as follows.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 - 10:30 Business Japanese Student Presentation Off-campus Activity Business Japanese Business Japanese
10:40 - 12:10 Japanese Culture and Society Off-campus Activity Preparation Off-campus Activity Japanese Culture and Society Japanese Culture and Society
13:00 - 14:30 Japanese Geography and History Japanese Geography and History Off-campus Activity Speaking Practice Faculty Special Lecture

Off-campus Activities

The intensive program include weekly off-campus activities through the course period. This brings the opportunities for the international students to visit popular sightseeing sites around Sapporo as well as varioud historical, cultural and industrial facilities of Japan and Hokkaido to get deepen knowledge and experience of Japanese socirty.

All year round

"Shiroi Koibito" Park Hokkaido Museum Sappor Beer Factory visit
Historical Village of Hokkaio Otaru visit Calbee Factory visit
Chirose Salmon Museum Professional baseball watching Hokkaido Jingu (Shrine)
Buckwheat noodles (soba) making Experience Hot-spa (onsen) Experience Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience
Coca-Cola Factoey visit Okura Mountain and Olympic Museum and more ...

Summer Limited

Outdoor BBQ Butter handmaking experience Park Golf
Thema park visits National Park visits and more ...

Off-campus Activities (Winter Limited)

Sapporo Snow Festival Smelt fishing on a frozen lake Ski experience
Sledge and igloo experience Ski jumping watch and more ...


For partner universities/schools with Seisa Dohto University

Example 【8 weeks】 (Unit: JPY)
Tuition and off-campus activity fees 200,000
Accomodation fees (1 shared room with two people) Approx. 100,000
International student insurance 10,000
Total Approx. 360,000

For none-partner universities/schools with Seisa Dohto University

It is negotiable to accept international students from non-partner univerities with us, however the minimum number of students is requested to attend the program as a group, which is 6 students. Please note that currently we do not accept individual students applications for this short-term Japanese program. The program length and contents are also negotiable.

Example 【12 weeks】 (Unit: JPY)
Tuition and off-campus activity fees 350,000
Accomodation fees (1 shared room with two people) Approx. 100,000
International students insurance 10,000
Total Approx. 460,000


Mr. Fu (From:China)

The three months study abroad life passed so quickly. This is my first time studying abroad which was pleasure and strain. The anxiety is my Japanese skill so I thought my communication exchange with person would be hard. I didn’t know the contents of first class when I came to Japan. When I finished my first class, my head was spinning and I was so tired. But it was getting better as time went on and I got used to Japanese study life. The best fun of Japanese life during the three months was visiting to my teacher’s house to eat ShabuShabu. I ate ShabuShabu and talked with my teacher. I become friends with my teacher in the process, there is now no usual nervousness, and I can speak fluently.
It was fun Every Wednesday too. Skiing, fishing lake smelt on ice and the beer factory tour. I liked this all. I have gained confidence that I studied hard and my Japanese is got better during the three months. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my teachers. If I have a chance, I will certainly come back to Japan and meet my teachers again.

Mr. Zhang (From:China)

My three months were very fun. When I arrived to Hokkaido for the first time, I was impressed. I was born in the sourthern part of China, so I didn’t have a chance to experience snow, I had never seen such large amounts of snow before.
 I went to various place throughout my three months. Otaru, Sapporo Beer Factory and more places. I studied many things about Hokkaido. My university teachers are very funny and a nice peaple. My favorite class is Japanese culture and society by Mr.Tsuda.
There are some unfortunate things. I was absent from school a week by being sick. It was very anxious to stay abroad. Also and the university was a long time staying over three months. There are 6 international students only in the university, so it can be little lonely. If there are many students, I think that I’d be able to have more exchange chance.
I was able to get a friend. Only one, but I’m happy. By this course, My Japanese skill are better than before. Before three months, I was nervous to speaking Japanese, but I am not nervous now and I can talk normally. Thanks to short term study abroad. It was good to have visited Hokkaido, I will come back again.

Mr. Yu (From:China)

The time in Japan flew so quickly and I have completed my three months intensive Japanese language program.
I had a good time with not only the extracurricular activities once a week, but also teachers in the class. We have spoken about many matters and studied Japanese. I learn a lot throughout my lessons. In extracurricular activities day, I rode in the teacher’s car and talked about so many topics. Which was fun and improved my speaking abilities too.
On my days off I went to Sapporo city and visited my friend's home. If over the 20 years old, we can drink alchol.If it's fine weather weekdays, I go for a walk and spend my time relaxing in Kitahirosima City. I love this quiet city.

Ms. Xu (From:China)

I finished the three months without realizing it. This three months has been like a dream., I have experienced for many things and have made unforgettable memories a lifetime.
Actually,I was a little nervous when came to japan. staying abroad by myself for the first time as a girl. I thought so many times about coming to Japan and I found Japanese life is more comfortable than I thought. My living apartment environment is good and the University teacher treated me kindly. Now, I have just come back home to China, but I miss Japanese life already!



FOr further questions, contact to “Center for International Relations at Seisa Dohto Univeristy by using the “Inquiry Form”.