Facilities and Student Cafeteria

Building 1

Multi-Media Room

Language Laboratory

Main Building

Female Student Launge

Dressing Room for Female Students

Building 2

Plastic Arts and Drawing Room

Multi-media Art Room

Drafting Room

1st floor Student Hall

Second Conference Room

Student Cafeteria "Dining Kitchen+if forest"

Convenience Stor "Forest"

Building 2 / Library Information Center


Library Lobby

Library/Information Technology Center

Building 3

Child Health Practicum Room/
Care Worker Practicum Room

Rehabilitation Practicum Room

Bathing Care Practicum Room

Pediatric Nutrition Laboratory/
Home Economics Practice Room

Student Hall

Athletic Building


Training Room


Design Practicum Room

2nd Sculpture Room

Staining Room

Wood Working Crafting Room

Pottery Crafting Room

Architectual Experiment Practicum Room

Student Cafeteria


【Opening hours】
Monday - Friday
10:30 - 14:30

2nd floor, Building 2

Student cafeteria at Seisa Dohto University offers various lunch menu with affordable price. One of the most popular lunch set menu is "Waku Waku Lunch", which means "exciting lunch" in Japanese, is available with only 400 yen. Also "Forest Lunch" is another popular set menu, which is available with 500 yen. The contnt of these two lunch menues change day to day.
The cafeteria is not limited to our students only. We are happy to have local people and other visitors to this cafeteria all the time.

"Forest Lunch" (500 yen)

"Waku Waku Lunch" (400 yen)

"Seasonal Special Lunch"