Seisa Dohto University does not own a university dormitory, however, we introduce accomodations around the campus in Kitahiroshima city at Student Affairs sectin and Center for International Relations. There are ample of options for apartments, student union and lodging with meal services in Kitahiroshima city and the university introduces these with a consideriation of suitable commuting conveniences, costs and living environment for each student. The univerisyt create the list of accomodations such apartments, student union and lodging every year and it is available for everyone. Feel free to pick it up from Student Affairs section at Seisa Dohto Univerisity.

Student Union Building

Name of the building Location Capacity Rent
Student Union Building
Central Palace
Kitahiroshioma City 88 (Male and Female) 33,550 yen ~ 35,500 yen / month
(Additional breakfast and dinner services for weekedays are available with 21,000 yen / month)
Student Union Building
Kitahiroshioma City 42 (Male and Female) 60,000 ~ 62,000 yen / month
(Including breakfast and dinner services for weekdays)


Location Rent
Kitahiroshima city, Sapporo city and surburbs Approx. 30,000 yen ~ 55,000 yen


Location Rent
Kitahiroshima City Approx. 55,000 ~ 62,000 yen / month

Apartment and lodging map of Kitahiroshima City