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Housing and Design joint Course

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NEWS!! -Article in the Hokkaido Newspaper-

NEWS!! -Article in the Mainichi Newspaper-

Lesson scenery

Tennessee Tech UNIVERSITY NEWS !

Zentaro Sato's self-introduction

Tosh Sakabe's self-introduction

About Dohto University

-- Self-introduction of a student --

Tsubasa Shibata

Masayuki Ohizumi

Shouko Minami

Makiko Wada

Jyunichi Takanishi

Takao Sato

- Lesson 1 - Comparison of a Japan-U.S. residence

The elements and these features of Housing Unit in Japan.

The Architect and a house maker

About an apartment of JAPAN

- Lesson 2 - Comparison of religion construction of Japan and the U.S.

Shrine Construction.

Connection with a Buddhist Temples and Shoin's style residense.

Historical religion Buildings Except Buddism in Hokkaido.

- Lesson 3 - Comparison of Japan-U.S. cultural facilities and an educational institution.

The concert hall and art culture hall.

Hokkaido University.

The art museum in nature.

The Sapporo Dome.

The northernmost zoo in japan.Asahiyama Zoo.

The Sapporo Factory.

- Lesson 4 - Comparison of Japan-U.S. fine arts and sculpture.

The Japanese furniture.

The Moere Numa Park.

The Religious Image.

- Lesson 5 - Comparison of a Japan-U.S. historical building.

Japanese furniture

Historical Village of Hokkaido

The residence of an Ainu race

- Lesson 6 -

Work introduction